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A message from Michelle Long Spears

Many of my fellow social sector leaders are working harder than ever — under more difficult circumstances, with few resources and less funding — to provide essential services, advocate for strong communities, and make sure nobody is left out of care. The more I’ve checked in with nonprofits and community groups in the past few weeks, one word stands out: overwhelmed. When it’s your job to keep missions moving and teams afloat to serve the community and advance work on important issues, current unknowns make resource planning feel scary and frankly impossible to navigate in the new normal.

The truth is, resource planning has always factored in some level of uncertainty, and the organizations that thrive over time are the ones who take time out to think through their assets, resources, barriers, and opportunities. Now more than ever, it’s essential to think of resources creatively and boldly. More than just fundraising, resource planning means aligning a network of needs and resources within a larger ecosystem, to do the work in the ways you are uniquely suited for, into 2021 and beyond.

As we face this unprecedented situation together, NP Voice is here as a partner, coach, facilitator, board adviser, and when you need “all hands on deck.” For over a decade, we’ve helped social impact organizations large and small, across sectors, adapt and grow in a changing world. We help our clients stay true to their mission and connect meaningfully with stakeholders who share it. The faster change and greater uncertainty we’re encountering now only underscores the value of thoughtful resource development.

Whether you’re trying to “level up” an already-robust resource strategy, or if you find yourself re-thinking it entirely, our expertise and experience is here for you. I invite you to reach out and let’s start a conversation about how we can work together.

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