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Foundations love to see their visions come to life in the hands of grantee partners. On-the-ground community organizations approach problems creatively and make a difference every day, even when resources are scarce and budgets are strained. The truth is, community organizations often lack the capacity and resources to invest in long-term sustainability and look to funder partners to support, guide and participate in their programs.


If you could help your community partners build the architecture needed for the long haul to advance deeper community impact, would you invest in their success? And how much further would your dollars go in achieving your mutual shared vision if they are educated, coached and equipped to have maximum impact?


NP Voice’s tried and tested “Creative Cohort” model is more than a gift or a grant — it’s an investment in each partner organization's future in achieving the change we want to see in the world.

The Process

+ Convene

NP Voice works with the convening organization to select and orient a cohort, gather and analyze cohort data, and then convene cohort members.

Learn, Coach, Equip

In partnership with convening organization, co-design workshops that align with each members’ learning and coaching needs, as well as design tools that will help execute on the work.

Activate + Evaluate

Leveraging member engagement, regroup with the broader cohort to co-design and launch an activation plan. Watch goals come to life all the way through our bi-annual evaluation framework.

The 6-Step Approach

Pre-Planning Phase: NP Voice meets with lead organization to assess and solidify Cohort members, shared goals and desired outcomes.


Phase 1: Convene - With NP Voice as facilitators, host Cohort kick off and get to know each other, exchanging ideas, formalizing objectives and articulating the cohort process.


Phase 2: Learn - Strengthen the Cohort through an interactive workshop(s) focusing on the needs of Cohort participants, informed by qualitative and quantitative research methods. 


Phase 3: Coach - Facilitate one-on-one coaching sessions that clarify concepts learned during workshop(s), hones in on individual organizations needs, and recommendations for success.


Phase 4: Equip - Develop activation tool(s) to drive towards success, such as a targeted work plan, as well as design an implementation plan.


Phase 5: Activate - Meet as a Cohort once more to share, reinforce, and prepare to implement work plan and tools.


Phase 6: Evaluate - NP Voice will conduct 6 and 12 month assessments to gauge the self-sufficiency and overall efficacy of the Creative Cohort model.

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If you are interested in learning what NP Voice's Creative Cohorts can do for your organization, submit the following form and our team will contact you very soon.

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