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Connecting mission to resources, funding, collaboration and community.


What We Do

Organization +  Resource Strategy

Our unique mix of organizational development, policy and business expertise provides a systemic approach to align resources for maximum impact -- across sectors -- to achieve your long-term vision and goals. We have created a number of tools to help align organizational assets that develop funding resource opportunities.

Community Engagement

We embrace a number of innovative techniques and tools to mine information that informs community leaders and advances community goals. We strive to effectively engage participants in dialogue and decision-making about everything from pushing policy change to developing a community strategic plan.

Multi-Sector Collaboration

We work with a broad range of clients from the public, private and social sectors to develop creative, custom solutions to our community’s most pressing problems. We leverage diverse assets and resources to advance broad systemic change and take bold ideas into thoughtful, purposeful action.

Leadership Development + Workshops

Successful leaders are always evolving. We offer custom-designed leadership development programs, as well as executive coaching, that align with your mission, organizational culture and talent acquisition strategy. 

Check out our brand new Creative Cohorts.

Why We Do It

When it comes to prosperous, equitable communities, we believe everyone has a piece of the solution. Unfortunately, gaps and misalignments between elected officials, businesses, service providers, advocates, donors, and community leaders too often get in the way. NP Voice approaches whole social ecosystems with proven success, shifting them by leveraging existing assets, attracting new resources, and crafting collaborations that strengthen each other across sectors. 

Michelle founded NP Voice (originally called Globarizons Strategy Group) in 2008 to help nonprofits, collaboratives, and government agencies amplify their work to public and private funders, elected officials, and the community. Over twenty years, she discovered another missing piece: too often, people working toward the same ends weren’t in the same room. NP Voice evolved to be a connector and system shifter, deploying its extensive network in diverse sectors to maximize the impact of caring people on building a healthier, more prosperous community.

Why We Do It











Partner Engagement Experience

How can partnering with NP Voice drive your growth and deepen impact? We’ve found that organizations that operate in three gears -- operational excellence, resource attraction, and disruptive innovation -- achieve the most impact from a business, investment and talent value perspective. We help partners creatively and purposefully activate these three gears to exceed goals, achieve bottom line results, and stay true to mission -- ultimately unlocking an organization's growth potential.


The size and scope of our partners varies widely, from local grassroots community groups to multi-national corporations, but what doesn’t vary is our attention. Since we are used to working across a wide spectrum of clients, you can be assured that we can appreciate your unique needs and work style. We set and hit clear deadlines, and communicate at least weekly and at appointed times.

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